Vine Secret

The scent of the body peeling made from grape seed oil and sugarcane extract is determined by the wine essence it contains. The granules of the body scrub remove the dead epithelial, making sure that the high vitamin E content of grape seed oil can nourish the skin more easily.
Grape seed oil, sugarcane, wine essence

45 mins 12.600 HUF
75 mins 17.600 HUF

Vanilla experience

The rice powder  gently remove the dead epithelial. The abundance of the plant world nourishes the skin. Thanks to the natural vanilla essence and scents your body and soul will rejoice after the treatment.
Vanilla, cinnamon bark, rice powder, corn

55 mins 13.800 HUF
80 mins 18.800 HUF

Oriental peeling

During the body scrub the melting brown sugar makes the skin soft and flossy. The honey, the almonds, the orange and the ambergris offer a unique and wonderful experience. Meanwhile the shea butter nourishes our cleared skin. Choose your own world of scents.

Orange – cinanmon body scrub – charming spicy scent
Ambergris body scrub – mesmerizing scent
Honey-almonds body scrub – marzipan scent

Shea butter, brown sugar, orange, almonds powder, henna, ambergris

45 mins 14.800 HUF
75 mins 19.800 HUF

Relaxing sea peeling

The essence of ocean helps gently clear our skin nad defends it from environmental harms. The Guéranda salt, which is famous of its minerals,  replaces trace elements, and the whin water stimulates the happiness hormone.
Guéranda salt, whin

50 mins 10.800 HUF
80 mins 15.800 HUF

Detoxifying sea peeling

This treatment is recommended especially for those guests, who would like to recreate after a long journey or stressful period. Our skin burdened by season change becomes smooth and comely by the end of the treatment, so does our face. It prepares the skin for gradual tan, also boosts the immune system.
Marine sediments

45 mins 10.800 HUF
75 mins 15.800 HUF

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