Body treatments

Grape seed oil massage

Tensile moves supplement the deep and dynamic grasps of the masssage.These techniques help to relax the tensioned muscles of our body. The high content of vitamin E in grape seed oil and its antioxidant effect refresh the skin.
Grape seed oil

30 mins 6.300 HUF
50 mins 9.800 HUF

Vanilla body massage experience

The calming vanilla scent of the lighted massage candel welcomes the guest. We pour the pleasantly warm vanilla cream along the spine, before we spread it to all parts of the back with long, harmonic grasps mostly done by forearm. As a result of the rocking the spine becomes completely relaxed, which is followed by a vanilla oil body massage.
Vanilla massage candel, vanilla oil with almonds

50 mins 13.800 HUF

Vine Secret body massage

Thanks to the beneficial effects of the grape, this massage can prevent and slow down the aging of the skin. In the grape seed oil balsam can be found the extract of all parts of the grape. This nourishing and hydratring balsam is enriched by the vitamin E from shea butter and fucus. During the massage the precious active ingredients reach the deeper layers of the skin as well.
Shea butter, fucus, grape leaf extract, grape seed extract

50 mins 12.800 HUF

Deep hydrating body massage

The grape seed oil and the premium quality body lotion of Algologie provides the skin a wonderful sensation. The whin water emsures complete well-being. Thanks to the deeply hydrating brown algae the skin becomes extremely soft and fresh.
Grape seed oil, whin water, brown algae

50 mins 12.800 HUF

Refreshing essence massage

During the massage the tension of the body gets ceased thanks to the thorough , but gentle moves. The healing, stimulating and disinfecting essence fulfill the complete relaxation. The bran extract makes the skin soft and silky.
Rosemary, Pine and eucaliptus essence oil, grape seed oil, bran extract

30 mins 6.800 HUF
50 mins 10.800 HUF

Argan oil massage

The 100% pure argan oil is the secret of the beauty of the Berber women. It regenerates, hydrates, tightens and heals the skin all at once. It nourishes even the most sensitive type of skin. It restores the flexibility of the skin and protects it against outer harms.
Argan oil

50 mins 14.600 HUF

Orange with melting honey gel massage

The gel intensively hydrates, nourishes the skin without burdening it. This gel is a blend of luxury ingredients which make the skin soft and silky. Long and continuous, tensile moves follow each other which help to achive complete relaxation.
Honey, argan oil, sugar, orange essence oil

50 mins 14.600 HUF

Shea butter massage

Shea nut provides great attributions for protecting and hydrating the skin, making it more flexible. It is rich in vitamin E. 95% of the vegetal raw material used during the making of shea butter has bio origins. It perfectly hydrates and nourishes the skin. You can choose from the shea butter enriched with stimulating cinnamon-orange essence, and ambergris shea butter with relaxing scent.
Shea butter, cinnamon-orange essence oil, ambergris

30 mins 8.600 HUF
50 mins 12.600 HUF

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