Vanilla Experience body treatment

The calming vanilla scent of the lighted massage candel welcomes the guest. The rice powder gently removes the dead epithelial. After the scrub we pour the already melted candel along the spine.  As a result of the rocking the spine becomes completely relaxed, which is followed by a vanilla oil body massage. Finally we apply a mask rich in vegetal extracts.
Vanilla, rice powder, grape seed oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, corn extract, cinnamon bark, argan nut

115 mins 23.800 HUF

Spicy experience  ritual

The spicy scent grabs and lifts you from reality. The orange and cinnamon essence charm you. Following a soft body scrub, the skin can easily absorb the trace elements and vitamins of the shea butter, whick make it soft and silkier. After it, we apply a warm mask. Finally a relaxing massage with melting honey gel fulfills the experience.
Orange, cinnamon, almods powder, henna, argan, shea butter, grape seed oil, honey gel, orange flower water

90 mins 24.900 HUF

Sumptuous ambergris ritual

The mesmerizing scent of ambergris completely relaxes the mind. Even after the body scrub our skin becomes soft and nourished, which are enhanced by the active substances of the oriental shower gel. We apply a massage with the blend of sweet almonds and grape seed oil before we put on the full body mask with ambergris.
Ambergris, orange-peel powder, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, argan, sweet almond-peel

90 mins 24.900 HUF

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